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Visible Wellness

Visible Wellness Is About You and Your Health.


What is visible health and wellness?

  • Visible health is the physical presentation of your outer body.

  • It is the overall appearance of your hair, skin, nails, eyes, and oral cavity and any associated diseases, impairments, or symptoms.

  • It is influenced by your physical, mental, and social health.

The universal sign of health and beauty is clear skin.

In addition to physical presentation, visible health can be quantified through metrics such as: 

  • Weight

  • Body mass index (BMI)

  • Body fat percentage

  • Heart rate

  • Respiratory rate

  • Blood pressure

  • Certain blood tests (e.g. hemoglobin A1C, hemoglobin, iron stores, thyroid function tests)

  • Average sleep duration

The biggest factors impacting visible health are diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption, sleep, tanning, hygiene, and disease. Therefore, lifestyle choices play a major role in our visible presentation, aging, and disease risk and prevention. The choices we have made and will make determine our visible wellness.


Trust a dermatology expert with exceptional training and experience to help you achieve visible wellness.

Why start now with a visible wellness evaluation? 

  • Dermatologists are trained to identify visible signs that may indicate internal disease.

  • Visible health is not just about beauty. The presentation of your skin, hair, and nails speaks volumes about your health status and how you are aging.

  • Visible wellness focuses on disease prevention and minimizing signs of aging so that you can look and feel your best throughout your life.

  • There are more opportunities than ever before to preserve your health and improve visible wellbeing.


Dr. Pierre-Louis is passionate about sharing her extensive knowledge of dermatology to address your health, aging, beauty, and disease management concerns.  During every visit, she evaluates your overall presentation to provide you with evidence-based recommendations to improve your appearance, enhance wellness, and to prevent aging and disease. Make an appointment and take action towards improving your visible health.