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BOTOX: It is never too early to have ageless skin!

BOTOX is an FDA-approved drug (onabotulinumtoxinA) used to treat fine lines and wrinkles on the face in specific areas ( crow's feet, glabella/frown lines between the eyesbrows). Since its approval in 1989, It has revolutionized the anti-aging world and provides a dramatic reduction in face wrinkles. While customarily used in middle-aged female patients, younger women are using BOTOX to prevent wrinkles and men are beginning to increase their use of the drug. BOTOX is also used for some medical conditions such as migraine headaches, focal primary hyperhidrosis (localized excessive sweating), and esophageal spasms.


How does BOTOX work?

  1. It blocks nerves in muscles at acetylcholine receptors. This temporarily paralyses the muscle which leads to reduced expression and wrinkling of the overlying skin.

What should I know about BOTOX?

  1. This is a synthetic molecule derived from botulinum toxin and will not give you a systemic infection of botulism.

  2. It can take seven to ten days for the nerve blocking to fully occur and reduce wrinkles.

  3. The muscles around the eyes and forehead area vary among individuals and doses of BOTOX are not standard.

  4. BOTOX does not cure crow's feet or the "elevens" frown lines between the eyes. It wears off in three to four months and needs to be re-administered to treat wrinkles.

Side effects to know?

While there are many side effects that can happen with an injectable drug ( allergic reactions as skin rashes or anaphylaxis, difficulty breathing from BOTOX spread, skin infection), the most common ones I warn patient's about are:

  1. Bleeding and/or bruising at injection sites.

  2. Eyelid drooping ( ptosis) if signfiicant paralysis of glabella area.

  3. Eyelid swelling (edema) if signficant of crow's feet area.

  4. Spread of BOTOX to nearby muscles that can lead to unintended facial muscle paralysis.

  5. Pain or abnormal touch sensation of the skin that persists for days to months.

  6. Headaches in the first few days post BOTOX injections.

How to enhance your BOTOX treatment?

  1. Stay upright for at least a few hours post BOTOX injections to help minimize dispersion into nearby face muscles that were not intended to be paralyzed.

  2. Avoid vigorous exercise the day of BOTOX injections to reduce spread to unintended areas.

  3. Ice areas around the eyes or forehead to prevent bruising if bleeding occurred.

What are the benefits of starting BOTOX early?

  1. SLess wrinkles to treat as aging progresses.

  2. Less BOTOX may be needed over time to continue to get the same results.

As a cosmetic, BOTOX is purchased from Allergan at about $6 a unit by the prescriber and administered in a clinic setting. Typically individuals desiring BOTOX will pay anywhere from $9 to $15 a unit. Since a person might need anywhere from 10 to 60 units of BOTOX, the cost can add up to several hundred dollars every three to four months. Consult with your BOTOX clinician as to how many units are ideal for your areas of concern to better confirm how much funds to put towards this anti-aging investment.

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