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Is the pie abundant or scarce?

Perceiving life through a lens of abundance or scarcity can impact your general wellbeing and how you age. If you operate from a mentality of scarcity and that everyone is your competition, you will create your own unhappiness and age beyond your years through fear of others. You will stifle growth since you are not open to new ideas and also turn to unethical behavior or shortcuts to try to keep what you have. You will lack humility since you operate from a place of entitlement instead of accountability. And most importantly, you will erode all relationships with anyone who matters. Success is bountiful and limitless for all who see the ever-growing and changing pie.


Thus, focus on contributing something meaningful instead of foolishly working to protect what is likely already extinct. Invest in your wellbeing with a "pie is the sky" mentality. Live through abundance thinking to truly acheive graceful aging.