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Dr. King's Mole Remover: Be careful in what you self-treat!

There are many growths that occur on our skin. Some ( birthmarks, moles) are present at birth and others ( moles, brown spots, freckles) accumulate as we age and are exposed to UV radiation. Many people may feel that benign skin lesions are unsightly and may want to self-remove them. Dr. King's Natural Medicine Mole Remover promises an easy, all-natural ingredient way to remove all these types of lesions from the skin. The target lesion for each ingredient is listed by the product maker. Here is was the science shows about and what you should know.

Mole Remover

What is in this product?

  1. Carbo vegetabilis (for birthmarks): this is a homeopathic, plant-based charcoal which acts like a skin irritant on the skin. It claims to detoxify the skin and possibly the act of aggravating the skin removes the pigmented lesion on the skin?

  2. Graphites (for moles): a homeopathic, carbon-based mineral that is used to treat skin conditions, likely through skin irritation as well and destruction of lesions.

  3. Lycopodium clavatum ( for brown spots): this is known to have positive inflammatory properties and is being studied against some parasitic infections such as toxoplasmosis, trypanosomiasis in addition to mycobacteria. This may remove brown spots by causing inflammation that destroys superficial cells.

  4. Phytolacca decandra ( moles): a plant with analgesic berries that may be immuno protective with properties that cure viruses or cancer cells. This may work to destroy and clear benign cells of moles.

  5. Thuja occidentalis ( freckles): this is extracted from an evergreen plant and has pro-destructive cell properties. It is used to to treat cancer and malignant growths; it is unclear how it works. This may help destroy skin tag cells.

  6. The inactive ingredients are a mix of some essential oils and are overall safe: alcohol, castor oil, cedar leaf oil, frankincense oil, lavender oil, oregano oil, tea tree oil.

Are there any side effects?

  1. Skin rashes?: There is always the potential for irritant or allergic reactions to topical products that are extracted from plants or synthetically created. Please discontinue this product if you develop a rash or skin swelling, pain, burning after starting its use.

  2. Tissue injury or destruction?: Many times there is not an abundance of scientific information on homeopathic compounds. Stop use of this medication if there is tissue injury, destruction or skin changes that go beyond just simple removal of the selected skin lesion.

Are there any long-term consequences?

As a minimally invasive, likely non-painful treatment for unwanted, benign skin lesions: yes, attempt to use this for a spot that is small, stable, not worrisome, and not changing. The spot might be destroyed with this combination of essential oils and homeopathic ingredients. But it might persist and I recommend you see a health care provider to evaluate the lesion and remove it if it does not resolve.

However, be weary of treating new, changing, symptomatic lesions of unknown diagnosis. A third of melanoma skin cancers develop from moles already present on us and using such a treatment on a pre-cancerous or malignant lesion could have devastating consequences. As a SkinVestment, you can purchase a 0.5 ounce ( 15 ml) bottle of this product for $12 to $17.