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FasciaBlaster: Does this really work for cellulite?

"Fasciologist" Ashley Black created the FasciaBlaster as a way to rid the body of unwanted fat. When one looks up "fasciology" on a scientific search engine, nothing comes up! However, the anecdotal reports from users of the FasciaBlaster's effectiveness on the internet and social media are abundant. While fasciology, the study of the skin's connective tissue might not exist as a true science, it appears that physically kneading the skin externally may help break up the fatty tissue presenting as cellulite. Here is what you should know about FasciaBlaster:

  1. FasciaBlaster requires mechanical pressure placed on the skin that may be uncomfortable and lead to bruising.

  2. Results of fat reduction may vary and can take up to 60 days to see improvement.

  3. The technique is based on the theory that fascia, or connective tissue, causes physical ailments, fatty buildup, and toxin collecting in tissue. Therefore, breaking up fascia can treat cellulite and a host of other mechanical body issues.

  4. There are no scientific studies evaluating fascia destruction.

  5. Other than pain, discomfort, and bruising, there does not appear to be systemic adverse effects to using FasciaBlaster.

  6. The claims that FasciaBlaster can improve muscle and joint function, nerve activity, accelerate muscle recovery, and reduce pain are unclear and not currently scientifically supported; more evidence is needed to support this.

  7. The Ashley Black Company's website at does state that it will refund your money if you are not fully satisfied.

As a SkinVestment, if you are interested in trying a non-surgical approach to minimize cellulite, consider FasciaBlaster. It seems to actually cause fatty tissue breakdown through kneading the skin but comes with bruises. Physiologically, this appears rational and plausible. Whether it serves as a holistic tool to improve overall physical health related to muscle, nerve, joint, and circulatory function is questionable. There are several devices ranging from $20 for the Nugget to the standard device at $89. The Ashley Black Company also sells more expensive product packages with DVDs that focus on other aspects of "fasciology" beyond cellulite reduction and consider these resources to learn more if money is no object.