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Dermera Skin Vitamins: Does the science support it?


Dermera Skin Vitamin is an oral supplement made by Brock Beauty. The website states that Dermera is "formulated to nourish your skin from the inside out with a unique blend of bioactive vitamins, minerals, and nutrients." Dermera's trademarked exclusive complex DERMALSANA contains "stimulating phytoceramides, restorative astaxanthin, plus the protection of CoQ10."

I studied Brock Beauty's websites and product ingredients in this vitamin and came to the following conclusions:

1. Yes, phytoceramides play a important role in skin hydration. Oral and topical ceramides help minimize total epidermal water loss which promotes hydration. 2. Yes, astaxanthin is an antioxidant that has been demonstrated to decrease reactive oxygen species fro UV light exposure to improve hydration and reduces wrinkles through promoting elasticity. 3. Yes, dietary enzyme CoQ10 has been found to reduce visible signs of aging ( fine lines and wrinkles and skin smoothness). It does not play a critical role in skin hydration or skin thickness. 4. Dermera blurs the lines between a cosmetic and a drug with the use of words "restorative" and "protection." In its defense, the claims are that it "encourages smoother, more radiant skin" and that is appropriate since it is not claiming to affect structure or function of the body. 5. What else is in it? There is no listing of other ingredients on the website and no scientific evidence DERMALSANA is effective in formulation. 6. There is no mention of safety or data to support it ( no FDA clearance since marketed as a cosmetic).

In terms of SkinVestments, buy Dermera at $39 a bottle for a month supply, taken twice a day ( $468 for a year supply upfront) if economically you can and would like to take a supplement that seeks to keep your skin healthy with a focus on hydration and antioxidative properties. However, this vitamin in no way comes close to replacing the evidence supporting balanced nutrition, sleep, exercise, and the five essentials necessary for routine skin care.