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Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins: Does it truly provide complete hair care?

Hairfinity, a product made by Brock Beauty, is a dietary supplement on the market that is very popular with women for hair growth. The reports range from its use as a hair repair vitamin, miracle growth supplement, to a hair care solution for non-growing hair. It has its trademark CAPILSANA compound of horsetail, hydrolyzed collagen, and MSM, that claims to be essential tools for hair growth.

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1. Horsetail, silica: Yes, together these two ingredients can help the uptake of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, and could help promote healthy hair. The hydrolyzed collagen here is the source of the amino acids.

2. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)?: This is an organic sulfur compound that has antioxidant properties on metabolism and has been shown to help halt inflammatory pathways and may even halt tumor progression in animals. Hairfinity states it "promotes vitality." How does this promote hair growth or hair health? The literature available does not explain this to date and neither does Hairfinity.

3. Biotin: It is important for normal cell function and hair growth. The literature and studies do show that there is little benefit in supplementing with biotin for hair loss unless the hair loss itself is from biotin deficiency. Otherwise, as a water-soluble vitamin, we simply get rid of the excess vitamin through our urine. Hairfinity has a 2500 micrograms of biotin in it ( 833% of normal daily allowance). This is the amount found in some other over-the-counter skin/hair/nail supplements. It may not be necessary or healthy to take that high quantity daily.

4. Biotin and acne: There have been anectodal reports of high amounts of biotin resulting in acneiform eruptions on the face, neck, and even upper trunk. If your acne and new acne onset seems to correlate with taking this supplement, it is best to stop it and see if the eruption improves.

As a SkinVestment, Hairfinity appears to be a decent supplement for maintaining good hair growth. However, it lacks compelling scientific evidence as to how its ingredients work and over-relies on personal testimonials as the main evidence for its effect on hair growth. Is there scientific evidence that it can grow hair any faster and longer or beyond natural hair cycles: No. Could it repair hair to its natural states as it regrows after a trauma or injury: Likely. You can purchase it at $25 a month or for an annual cost of $299 in advance. It might not be sustainable financially for all. Ultimately, it should be used as a means to provide your hair with essential vitamins and ingredients that can help keep your natural hair cycle doing its job


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