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This Black History Month, remember the brilliance of your skin tone!


Our skin is our largest body organ. It reflects not only our health, but also our identity and geographical origin. Lighter skin tones with less pigmentation were biologically made for regions away from the equator and nearest the earth’s poles. In contrast, darker skin tones with increased pigmentation, protect those from regions at or near the equator, where the sun is in closest contact to the Earth.

This Black History Month, appreciate nature’s amazing brilliance of skin tone and how this reflects a perfect design. Skin shades go beyond white and black to showcase a spectrum of colors engineered for life on planet earth. Embrace your skin and its tone. Three things everyone can do to achieve Visible Wellness:

1) Protect it with daily skin care and hydration.

2) Avoid bleaching agents or fade creams that can disrupt your natural pigment and tone.

3) Seek treatment for rashes, hair loss, and nail problems that may threaten the health of your largest organ.

Margareth Pierre-Louis