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Part-Time Medical Assistant/ Patient Care Specialist

The Medical Assistant/ Patient Care Specialistis a multifaceted role at Twin Cities Dermatology Center. This role requires an energetic, enthusiastic individual with strong customer service skills and a willingness for patient contact. It is responsible for the patient experience when an individual is in contact with us in person or via communication. This role spans front desk and clinical duties that are critical to the entire practice and its operation. The PCS will engage patients, deliver excellent customer service, execute scheduling, check-in and check-out processes, room patients, and support the clinical duties of the nursing staff. The PCS assesses calls, emails, and faxes to make sure that every contact’s needs are met before, during, and after their visit. Use of checklists and continuous rechecking of data entry is essential to support clinical care and billing operations. As a start-up, growth is expected. If you desire to belong to a happy, ambitious, workplace that values inclusion and has the highest ethical standards, contact us today to see how you can be a part of our innovative and growing team.

**Hours: Saturday + 1 week day.


**Certified Medical Assistant OR a minimum of an associates degree (REQUIRED)
**2 years of related experience (Preferred)
**Dermatology experience (Preferred)

Front desk duties:
1. Positive greeting and handling of patients arriving and exiting the Center
2. Triage calls, emails, and faxes as applicable
3. Execute front desk scheduling, check-in/checkout
4. Ensure accurate and timely entry of patient record data
5. Document patient preferences (invoice handling/disclosures, nicknames, other preferences)
6. Facilitate reviews completion from patients after visit
7. Post patient payments in EHR from phone/online/mail
8. Monitor supplies for patient contact (stamps, paper, envelopes, ink)
9. Daily mail triage
10. Maintain internet connection throughout clinic and devices; troubleshoot when needed
11. Keep clinic devices up to date, charged, in working order (PCs, IPads, TVs, printer, phones, scanners)
12. Maintain cleanliness of front desk and patient lobby
13. Replenish patient comfort items (beverage, tissue)
14. Order, replenish, and monitor samples inventory
15. Order, replenish, and monitor items for sale
16. Escalate challenges immediately to medical director if billing issue or for service recovery
17. Prepare communications with patients, relevant vendors, or potential customers when applicable
18. Support the overall front desk with operations checklist
19. Daily to weekly quality improvement and updates sessions

Direct and indirect clinical care:
1. Patient scheduling and front desk cross-cover
2. Patient intake form review and documentation
3. Rooming patient for examination and visit
4. Medical scribing and note preparation
5. Care instructions: treatments, wound care, follow up
6. Photo capture/EHR uploading for bx/monitoring
7. Virtual visits: patient intake, contact on completion
8. Delegate activities to other staff as applicable
9. Support drug prior authorization processes
10. Biologics and special therapy follow up
11. Daily Kareo Task List completion
12. Outbound referrals: Mohs surgery, patch test, UMN SLN bx/surgeries, NB-UVB, CDI vascular, podiatry
13. Inbound referrals: biopsies, melanoma management, skin cancer surgery, cyst removal
14. Cleaning and sterilization of surgical instruments
15. Cryotherapy handling and monitoring
16. Exam room stocking/turnover/care sheet management
17. Pathology slide pickup and return coordination
18. Proper labeling of tissue and lab specimens
19. Urine pregnancy test collection and resulting
20. Supplies and inventory management (Henry Schein)
21. Facilitate liquid nitrogen pick-up as needed
22. Confirm/postpone MedPro Disposal monthly pick-up
23. Pathology slide storage
25. Perform and assist with blood draws

- Compensation is negotiable based on experience and credentials.
- Payroll is biweekly.
- A two-week notice is requested before vacating this position.

Workdays: The Center is open weekdays and business hours are 8 AM – 5PM. There is a demand for dermatologists on Saturdays. Our Saturday hours are typically 8AM to 2 PM.

Benefits: Given our small size, we do not currently offer insurance benefits (life, short term disability, medical, dental, vision) and employer-supported retirement savings plans. Support towards private insurance premiums is negotiable. Medical and cosmetic services are available to you and immediate family. Medical insurance is billed for medical services and any patient responsibility is waived. Cosmetic services are available quarterly based on supplies. Lab/pathology services are not included since typically require third-party billing.

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